We specialize in property and asset management of town house, stacked, midrise and high-rise corporations. We manage properties from single to multiple residential and commercial properties up to 350 units.  This is achieved through sound knowledge of the Condominium, and Tenant Acts. We are proud that all our managers have the R.C.M designations and have their Licenses from the C.M.R.A.O. We review and analyze each corporation’s articles, by laws, rules, policies and procedures adapting if needed to achieve maximum benefits for everyone in the community ensuring we are in compliance with the Human Rights Code.

Arthex takes management, service, security and privacy seriously and has selected “Key” from Shiftsuite as its Property Management and Accounting Software. Key encompasses all Management needs from work orders to compliance letters and variance reports. Unit and financial information is securely stored on the cloud and can be accessed from virtually anywhere insuring peace of mind. One of KEY’s unparalleled strengths is the interconnectivity between other primary management functions.

As an ACMO 2000 certified firm here is what our auditor had to say about us:

  • This company,…, is able to offer excellent service to clients and has developed a web site (http://www.arthex.ca) to inform new and existing clients about the services it provides. The web site includes facilities for owners to communicate with the company and to access information about their Corporation. This type of service is on the leading edge of the Property Management industry.

    John E. Outram P.Eng. October 29, 2010



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