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Company Profile

Arthex is a third generation property Management Firm serving GTA since 1972. The Firm’s inception took place in 1972 becoming one of the first property management company’s specializing in managing corporations in Ontario. The founder of the company was Arthur Heximer hence the name Arthex. In 1983 Wayne Campbell R.C.M. acquired the company and incorporated the name style Arthex Property Management (1983).  After twenty five years of successfully managing thousands of units in 2008 Mr. Campbell sold the company to property management entrepreneur Georgio Kosmidis who has expanded the company to service up to South-western Ontario.

Arthex is proud to be an ACMO, CCI, and IHM corporate member and has successfully obtained the prestigious ACMO 2000 Certification which distinguishes professional property management firms. We are pleased to have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.  Arthex Property Management has registered and is licensed by the C.M.R.A.O along with all its managers ensuring we are in compliance with the new and updated Condominium Act.

Our Mission

Arthex mission is to provide a “harmonious”, safe, and peaceful environment insuring a financially secure future for all the corporations that we manage. Quality Service is not the main objective in our company it is the “only” objective. We aspire to amaze our owners, members, clients and tenants with the highest level of management expertise. We place our highest value in the relationships we hold with each and every individual associated with our firm.

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